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Monday, January 31, 2005

#9: Eva Peron -- -- Alicia Dujovne Ortiz (trans Shawn Fields)

Had an urge to watch Evita (the movie, which I've never seen) recently: couldn't, so read this instead. The first cassette I ever bought for myself was the original Broadway cast recording of Evita, and I know the songs on that by heart: read a couple of biographies in my teens, too. This one is far more critical of the whole Evita-myth, and Peronism, and Argentinian politics in the post-war period. Also covers the mutilation of Evita's embalmed corpse, and Nazi gold smuggling. I have a major problem, though, with the translation: all too often it's word-for-word from the original Spanish, which is quite emotive and idiomatic, and there are phrases that I assume to be Spanish idioms that simply don't make sense. Also (pet peeve) Mr Fields thinks the past tense of 'shine' is 'shined'. Interesting, but not a pleasure to read.

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