No two persons ever read the same book. --Edmund Wilson

Monday, January 31, 2005

#1: According to Queeney -- Beryl Bainbridge

Dr Johnson's later years, and his friendship with Hester Thrale. Bainbridge is an astute observer of the little details, and how they become altered in one's memory. The title's a misnomer though: it took me a while to figure out why I felt off-balance, but it may be to do with the way that point-of-view changes throughout: not just between chapters but even within the same paragraph. The sort of historical novel that I'll keep for reference but not for reading pleasure.

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  1. The sort of novel I have purchased not for reference but for re-reading pleasure. Bainbridge's besy so far. what's yours?

  2. @ Chris W:
    I have to say I'm very fond of The Birthday Boys (read before I started this blog, so no review!) Her take on Oates is especially poignant.