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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012/07: Siren -- Tricia Rayburn

Some people might be afraid of one thing, but I’m afraid of everything. It’s not normal. I’m not normal. So this – hearing my dead sister talk to me from somewhere above – is probably par for the course. (location 1791)

Vanessa is a shy teenager. Her sister Justine was the extrovert -- but Justine's dead, her body washed up on the shore near the small Maine town where the family spend their summers, and Justine's boyfriend Caleb is missing. Vanessa and Caleb's brother Simon pool their resources to find out what happened to Justine, and whether Caleb's sudden disappearance (not to mention the fact he didn't tell Simon about quitting his job) is connected.

Vanessa finds a friend in Paige, who waitresses at a local cafe. Paige's ghastly sister Zara is less amiable: but she may hold the secret of Justine's death. And she claims to know the 'truth' about Vanessa and Justine's mother ...

Meanwhile, Simon is investigating freak weather up and down the Maine coast: unusual storm patterns and peculiar wave systems that have been occurring for the last forty years. Can the 'hyperactive ocean' be significant?

You bet.

Siren is the first in a YA paranormal romance series. It's entertainingly written, though Vanessa is almost too timid to make a good heroine. Luckily, danger and weirdness bring out her hidden backbone -- and give her other things to hide.

Bought this because it was a Kindle Daily Deal: I enjoyed reading it, and would probably pick up the sequels if I spotted them in the library or on sale cheaply, but I suspect there's more romance and less paranormal in subsequent volumes.

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  1. I loved this book. It had most of what I was hoping would be in the sequel. We get to see how Simon and Vanessa's relationship is going a short while after all the craziness they went through. Vanessa is now a full blown siren and is struggling with unexpected side effects of that. Can a siren have a steady boyfriend? That seems to be the question that carries on throughout this book and will into the next. Vanessa has so much going on in her life: loss of a sister, the sirens, her transformation into a siren, and the mystery of her biological mother. She wants to share it all with someone. She wants to tell Simon the whole truth, but she's afraid once she does it'll all be over.