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Friday, April 20, 2007

#10: The Pirate Hunter -- Jennifer Ashley

Recommended somewhere, and I do have a thing about pirates ... I found a cheap copy, and was pleasantly surprised!

Bodice-ripping romance, Regency setting, quite steamy, cover shows heroine (Diana) in a historically improbable shade of pink. But this is actually great fun and competently written, and has considerably more (and better-constructed) plot than most novels of this kind.

The eponymous Pirate Hunter is one James Ardmore. He is shipwrecked, and washes up on the beach of a Secret Island somewhere off the Scillies, where he is found by the lovely-but-badly-married Diana and her deaf daughter. James Ardmore is (naturally) a man with a Mission: to rid the world of Black Jack Mallory, a Fearsome Pirate. How he achieves this, despite considerable distraction in the gently curved but feisty person of Diana, is actually plotty enough to have kept me turning the pages: I think I read this in two sittings (the break was to go swimming).

Sometimes my mind needs a little frivolity and this fitted the bill perfectly!

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