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Monday, March 26, 2007

REREADS: Dilvish, the Damned / The Changing Land -- Roger Zelazny

Zelazny's position (at the bottom of the bookshelf nearest the door) made him an easy target for rereading -- and he used to be my very favourite author, which is why for a long time I was a Zelazny completist.

These, however, just weren't that good.

Dilvish, an Elven Lord who has spent two centuries in Hell as a result of interrupting a sorcerer, is a humorless and not especially likeable character (though v. noble, handsome, kind to animals etc etc.) His mount, Black (a demon in disguise) is rather more interesting. And some elements of the plot are fun, though to be honest I'd rather reread the Amber series (both of 'em!) yet again than reread these. Zelazny's usual verve and vigour weren't in evidence, and there was a mechanical feel about the progression of plot in both books.

Off to BookMooch they have gone!

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