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Monday, December 05, 2005

#105: Haunted -- Kelley Armstrong

Sequel to Industrial Magic and Dime Store Magic, which I haven't read. Haunted is told from the POV of Eve Levine, a black witch (with a demon lord for a father) who's been dead three years, but is keeping busy. She's incurred a debt to the Fates -- who seem to be the major power controlling life and death -- and the favour's being called in: Eve's task is to locate and contain the Nix, an evil spirit who's made a career of inhabiting, or possessing, female murderers. Eve has plenty of help: she's teamed with an angel, and aided and abetted by her (equally dead) romantic interest, Kris, and by her daughter Savannah's foster-parents, Paige and Lucas. Problem is, Eve's her own worst enemy at times, with an agenda that complicates her task and her relationships with those around her. She can't let go.

I found this a surprisingly enjoyable read. The prose is unobjectionable (and given the percentage of novels with prose that I do object to, this is no mean feat!) Eve's far from perfect, and I suspect will get labelled as 'feisty' by some reviewers: but I found her confusion of cynicism and love quite compelling. There's a truly nasty scenario in here, a really hellish hell: sometimes, having a heroine who can't die is not a good thing ...

The ending felt a little anticlimactic, not the absolute that Eve / the reader had been led to expect But I'm intrigued enough (mostly by some of the characters) to want to read more by this author.

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