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Thursday, July 28, 2005

#63: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince -- J K Rowling

I suspect a significant percentage of LJ traffic since 16th July has concerned this book, and I doubt I'm going to say anything new about it. It's better-edited than the previous one, and there are less irritating tics -- use of capitals for raised voices, etc, which annoyed me. Nice to see some characters developing (Draco now three-dimensional, which is good); and I was impressed with the way she handled the whole business of Adolescent Urges, and Teenaged Behaviour, and so on. And top marks to the author for throwing in a couple of massive surprises. (Was most amused to find that some fans are already rewriting parts of the story to suit their own prejudices.) I'm really looking forward to seeing how she resolves all the ongoing strands of plot in book 7.

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