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Monday, February 28, 2005

#13: Lost in a Good Book -- Jasper Fforde

I read and enjoyed The Eyre Affair years ago -- but don't recall enough of it to appreciate Lost in a Good Book, which seems to follow straight on, fully. I kept wanting to go back and check details in the previous book: the plot's quite convoluted enough without vague references to the previous (or perhaps subsequent) events. Having said that, Fforde's an inspired if occasionally clunky writer. His 'significant details' are usually pretty easy to pick out, and yet their significance can be quite baroque. And I loved some of the literary in-jokes -- and the adjectivores, which gobble up stray description. I think I'd like one as a pet.

Will probably get around to The Well of Lost Plots sooner rather than later, while this is still fresh in my head: depends on finding a cheap copy.

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